How to Obtain Property Tax Exemption

Learn about the different types of property tax exemption. The three most common types of property tax exemption are full, partial and special exemptions. Full or partial property tax exemptions apply to properties where a specific portion, or the entirety, of the property is free from exemption, depending on its use and ownership.

Determine whether your property meets the requirements for being considered a special property tax exemption. Types of properties that generally qualify for a special property tax exemption are those with charitable or religious purposes that are actively occupied and working towards promoting their stated missions. These types of property are usually eligible for only partial tax exemption, depending on the amount of the property that is used for the special purposes.

Find out whether you are eligible to obtain property tax exemption based on your property qualifying as a homestead. Usually, a homestead refers to a property owned by a widowed spouse that is protected from property taxes to ensure that she is provided with shelter after her spouse's death. It is usually necessary to apply for and obtain homestead property tax exemption prior to the death of the spouse who owned it.

Apply to obtain property tax exemption if you are permanently disabled. In most states, anyone who is partially or totally paralyzed, legally blind or who must use a wheelchair is automatically exempt from paying taxes on the property that is his primary residence.

Inquire with your local tax office about how to obtain property tax exemption if you are a veteran who has been honorably discharged or if you have a permanent disability related to your service. This property tax exemption usually only relates to a property that qualifies as a homestead and is not used in any way for business income. If you are applying for a property tax exemption as a veteran, you may need to provide proof of your military affiliation and your disability, usually with an official letter from the United States Military.