How to Live Rich When Poor

In a tough economy, many people have to live on a budget in order to stay afloat financially. Luxuries are rare, and thriftiness is in style. If you don't have much money, but want to live a high style, high-quality life, there are many ways you can do so. Living well doesn't have to break the bank if you use a little creativity, as well as decide which luxuries you really need to have in your daily life.

Step 1

Cook at home rather than spending money on high restaurant markups. You can eat like a rich person if you are a savvy shopper who knows how to find a bargain at the grocery store. For example, most supermarkets feature price cuts on meats, including high-quality steaks that are close to their expiration dates. Simply cook or freeze these meats within a day or two of purchase. When you cook them, pair them with your favorite wine that costs much less at the store than it does at the restaurant.

Step 2

Make your own gourmet coffee at home. You can buy high-quality coffee in bulk at most grocery stores, and you'll end up saving lots of money a month if you simply make it at home rather than buying it at the corner coffee shop or café.

Step 3

Use bargain travel websites the next time you're planning a vacation. You can often save money when you buy a package deal that includes airfare and hotel. Travel during the off seasons to get cheaper rates.

Step 4

Shop at discount department stores rather than at the mall. You can find name brand items, including household goods, decorations, clothing and other items at these stores for at least half the cost of what you'd pay at a normal retail establishment. Take advantage of tax-free shopping weekends, and buy your winter wardrobe when it's on sale during the spring, and your summer clothing when it's on sale in the autumn months.

Step 5

Use luxury brand rental websites when you have to have the real thing, such as a designer purse that costs thousands of dollars. These websites offer weekly or monthly rates at a fraction of the item's price. One of the benefits of renting is that you can upgrade or get a new style each season.

Step 6

Buy a used vehicle when you have to get a new car. You can afford luxury-end vehicles when they are a few years old and have high mileage.