How Do You Use a Digital Wallet?

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Look at your physical wallet. It has credit cards, store discount cards, insurance cards and even gift cards. Everything you need to make a transaction is there. A digital wallet is the same. The difference is that the transactions are easier. Knowing how to use a digital wallet is vital to keep up with today's commerce.


How a Digital Wallet Works

A digital wallet is a software, online service or electronic device that acts as a payment tool. It stores virtual versions of credit cards and debit cards. So there's no need to carry that leather wallet around. Digital tickets and e-vouchers can be stored as well as loyalty cards, coupons and plane tickets.


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The digital wallet links the vendor you are purchasing from and your bank. It also links to your credit card company.

Using a Digital Wallet

You can use an e-wallet while shopping in brick and mortars stores. Look for the contactless symbol on the card reader, an oval circle with a hand swiping a card. Then swipe your digital wallet over the symbol. Since the pandemic began, these symbols have been prevalent.


The digital wallet can also be used online. Look for a digital wallet payment option when you check out. It conveniently allows you to shop without always entering credit card information.

Additionally, you can use the digital wallet for food delivery services, ride sharing or even coffee and a bagel.


Enter your debit card in the digital wallet, and you can request cash or make a deposit from an ATM. Many of them have the contactless symbol.

Setting Up a Digital Wallet

It's easy and simple to set up a digital wallet. You'll need a smartphone. Most digital wallets use an iPhone or Android.


Choose a digital wallet provider. Some available include Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal and Venmo. Venmo and PayPal also allow you to send money to friends and family.

Once you've chosen and downloaded a digital app, load your credit card and debit information. You can also load other cards and plane tickets. Just follow the instructions.


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Are Digital Wallets Safe?

Your credit card and debit card numbers and other financial information are not stored in the phone and consequently not shown. If your phone is lost or stolen, the thief doesn't have access to this sensitive information.


Digital wallets reduce fraud. All data stored in the wallet is encrypted. This means the actual card number isn't transmitted when you use it. Instead, the digital wallet uses random payment codes that can only be used once.

And you still have the same security and protection you do with plastic cards.


Another safety feature are passcodes or facial recognition to access your mobile device.

Benefits of Digital Wallets

Besides security, there are other benefits to digital wallets. For one, it eliminates the need to lug around a wallet or even a handbag. No more digging around to find your wallet or sitting on one while driving. That bulging piece of leather is gone.


Most people are in a hurry. Between work, social activities and family, little time is left. A digital wallet speeds up the check-out process in brick and mortar stores. It only takes a few seconds to swipe your phone and go.

Everyone likes to save money, but few people like to drag coupons around with them. You lose them, or it takes too long to find them in your bag or pocket. With a digital wallet, they're right there ready for swiping.


Shopping online is quicker. And as a bonus, the digital wallet reduces the number of online stores where your credit information is stored. This is another excellent security measure.

Using the digital wallet for credit cards is no different from plastic when it comes down to it. So even though you're using a virtual card, you can still rack up credit card awards.