How to Save Money by Staging Your Home

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Moving during a pandemic may seem bonkers on its face, but confining ourselves to one space for all of our work, life, and play has revealed a lot to many of us about what we really want in a home. Sometimes that means passing the time with improvement or decorating projects; sometimes that means fully getting out of dodge. The decision to leave, however, may present some unexpected savings in the long run.


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That's what ​Apartment Therapy​'s Ashley Abramson discovered when she and her family realized it was time to move on to bigger and better pastures. They'd outgrown their small house, which was never meant to be permanent anyway, and staying safe during COVID had started to make their space claustrophobic. Abramson hired a professional to analyze their home for staging; this can cost as little as a one-time consulting fee, but you can also pay for professionals to rearrange the entire home for you.


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Staging often involves paring down and rearranging what you already have, as well as swapping out more dated furniture and finally making repairs you've always meant to get done. Getting the staging right can help move your home on the real estate market far more quickly by showing off its real potential. To her surprise, Abramson and her family realized that once they'd tackled everything that bogged them down in their living space, they didn't actually want to move just yet. It's not the only way to save money in the face of finding a new home and moving, but it might just be the most efficient. Read Abramson's full piece for tips and tricks she learned from the staging process.

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