The Sustainable Secret Behind Chipotle's New Pink Merch

Image Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/GettyImages

We may be in a pandemic, but we still want burritos the size of our head. While COVID-19 has decimated huge swaths of the restaurant industry, Chipotle is still going remarkably strong. In addition to its customizable menu, this week the fast-casual chain launched a new line of clothing. It's a different space for the company for sure, but it's not as far removed from chips and guac as you might think.


Chipotle Goods offers a solid range of slyly (and sometimes subtly) branded wearables, from T-shirts and denim jackets to babies' onesies and phone accessories. Perhaps most striking, however, are its natural dye offerings: Shoppers can nab tees, sweatshirts, and a canvas bag in soft peach tones derived from Chipotle restaurants' discarded avocado pits. The corporation found that these pits represented one of their biggest waste products, which is not insignificant when Chipotle is one of the United States' largest buyer of avocados.

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The whole Chipotle Goods line focuses on sustainable production, from the cotton sourcing to the charitable donations from its profits. This is well in line with widespread consumer desire for ethical supply chains and corporate responsibility — we'll happily pay more for it, in fact. On an individual level, research has suggested that going green can actually help you stay happier. At a time when even big chains are looking into innovations like deepfake meats to promote environmentalism, we shouldn't be surprised to see moves like Chipotle's getting more and more common going forward.