This Is Your Brain Telling You You're Screwing Up

The battle between gut instinct and rational analysis is ancient and eternal. When it comes to things like money and career, we especially value knowing when to make the right move, and it's common to urge looking at the data above all else. But there are times when listening to yourself and observing your own behavior can tell you a lot more about your path, particularly when you're in danger of going astray.

Longtime personal finance reporter Geoff Williams has just shared 9 crucial signs that signal you're on the wrong track with your money. Some of them are obvious, but also bear repeating, like admitting how often or how consistently funds are tight for you. Others are about maintaining a healthy skepticism about what other people are trying to sell you. If you have to work really hard to justify a decision, it's possible you already know that it's one you shouldn't make.

But overall, Williams emphasizes how important is it to just be informed. If you don't know enough, you're probably going to flounder. Do your research, stay humble, and figure out what the possible outcomes could be. It will give you the confidence that many gut decisions pretend to offer.

Finally, you should be ready to accept the possibility of failure. It's absolutely not the end of the world — in fact, sometimes it can be the best thing that happens to you. If you're keen to avoid preventable mistakes, however, pay attention to your brain. You tell yourself a lot more than you know if you know how to listen.