One Shopping List That Makes Everyone Richer

The winter holidays can be a polarizing mashup of mixed messaging: On the one hand, you should want and get lots of stuff, but on the other, you should resolve to have less of it. With new year's resolutions and spring cleaning closer than we might think, it's worth considering how to make room in your life for the things you really want in it.

Some organizational trendsetters recommend starting to declutter by trimming 10 percent of your possessions. Others suggest starting a gratitude diary to break your attachment to materialism overall. But if all that sounds a little wishy-washy to you, Apartment Therapy has another option. If you're looking to declutter, create a shopping list. The list isn't for you, of course — it's for organizations that need your donations.

Shelters, food banks, and military personnel always have lists of most-needed items throughout the year. Some of them need to be new by default — don't go giving away used socks or half-finished bags of trail mix, even though socks often top wish lists for donations. And it is worth donating unopened (read: freshly purchased) items like feminine products or groceries like peanut butter. But if you've binged on art supplies, only to realize you're never actually going to use them, consider finding a new home for them somewhere. Browse Apartment Therapy's list or see if your local organizations have their own available. If you can attack your own clutter with an endgame in mind, you might find the whole process way more satisfying.