Find Out if Your Salary Offer Is Worth It

Salary negotiations seem like they should be straightforward. In fact, they can be a mess of emotions and expectations, especially if you're a member of a group that traditionally doesn't benefit from negotiating too hard. One of the most frustrating aspects is that salaries should be a hard number, but are often a bit fuzzier.

One big trend among millennial workers these days is receiving increased benefits rather than increased pay. If those perks include stock options or gym reimbursement, Quartz is here to help you figure out what you really bring home. The business and finance news site has just released a career calculator to help you crunch some numbers. By inputting data about your salary offer, your employer's 401(k) contributions, and a few other benefits, Quartz's career calculator will project out what you could bring home at the end of a five-year period.

A good baseline rule when thinking about salary is that companies usually pay employees about one-third of the financial value they bring in, in order to remain profitable. You're definitely entitled to a proper valuation of your labor. Using data to present a counteroffer is a good place to start; there are also ballpark percentages of salary increases that fit your career stage. Ultimately, it all comes down to convincing your boss that you're ready and able to deliver. It's nice if workplaces offer incentives to help you live your life better, but it's nicest when you can bring home what you're worth in cold, hard cash.