Your Crockpot Is Shockingly Multifunctional

Slow cookers are great for making food all year round, but it's when the mercury drops outside that they really get their chance to shine. Chilis, curries, roasts, casseroles — crockpots make comfort food at their best. But their usefulness doesn't end there, especially if you're a little short on counter space.

If you live or grew up somewhere with dry or moisture-sucking winters, you know the frustration of trying to keep up with the weather. Staying hydrated and using lotion are one thing, but when it hurts to breathe inside your own home, something's got to give. Luckily, Apartment Therapy has a neat trick to help you relax: Your slow cooker can double as a humidifier.

It's the same principle as boiling a huge stockpot full of water, but without chaining you to the kitchen to ensure you don't burn everything down. Simply fill the slow cooker with water, set it to "high," and wait until you start to see steam beneath the lid. Then set it to "low" and do your thing, while keeping an eye on how far down the water levels go. Top things off if the bowl dips below about halfway.

If you're feeling extra fancy, you can add something extra to your crockpot, like citrus peels or essential oils, especially if you're battling a cold. You're not the only one who will love this lo-fi, filter-free humidifier — any plants in your living space will be grateful for the moisture too.