Do This Right to Sell Your Living Space

Whether you're convincing someone to take over a lease or buy a new home, it's important to show off what's best about your pad. Call it WYSIWYG or transparency, but don't call it a frivolity. You really need to think out how you present your soon-to-be-former personal space.

Lambeth Hochwald, writing for Apartment Therapy, spoke to a number of real estate agents about best practices for listing properties. The photos are going to tell a much more succinct story even than the magic words which can make your space a must-have. Be sure you clear out enough of your own stuff (especially the junk, you know exactly what that means) to show off the bones of a unit. Look up tips for staging a home — those keywords should get you the most tailored results.

"Buyers are better able to envision living there if someone else's life isn't on display," broker James McGrath told Hochwald.

You also want to be sure you're using your photo skills to paint your living space in the best light. A dedicated digital camera will almost certainly get you better results than a smartphone, but if you're really DIYing it, there's nothing wrong with using a smartphone if you know a thing or two about setting up a good photo. Finally, remember that your home is more than just its walls. Remember to highlight what makes your neighborhood such a draw, and include pictures of that too. It's a seller's market right now, so give yourself (and the next tenant) the best of all possible options.