Fake Warren Buffett Gives Pretty Decent Life Advice

There's just something about Warren Buffett — a Midwestern mystique that somehow screams "I am both rich and sensible!" That may be why we've collectively been glued to his investing advice for decades. But books and TV appearances aren't enough: In 2018, we want constant access, and that means social media.

Over the weekend, the Twitter account @warrenbuffet99 posted the first of a handful of seemingly wise, seemingly sensible tweets about both business and life. While musing on such topics as "the bosses we remember," Albert Einstein, and managing stress, @warrenbuffet99 seemed to start traveling around the internet in very short order. Given the frequency with which the account updates, it feels like listening to Buffett himself, if you don't know what you're listening for.

The account is absolutely too good to be true, not least because it misspells Buffett's surname. It was created in December 2016, but apparently only began posting on Saturday. Some posts are also plagiarized, from a truly egalitarian selection of accounts.

It's a good lesson in remaining skeptical about social media, as well as the importance of verified primary sources. Buffett (or his social media manager) has tweeted, though not since April 2016. Far better to seek out his investing advice through investor newsletters, magazine articles, Buffett's own books, or good-quality video. The economy remains uncertain, and Buffett is a high-performing constant in the world. This fake Twitter account has some nice-sounding sound bites — you don't have to dismiss their content totally. But if you're looking for sound investment advice, maybe start somewhere else.