Women in Missouri Could Soon Be Fired for Taking Birth Control

Birth control pills.
Image Credit: shawshot/iStock/GettyImages

The Missouri senate is currently mulling over legislation which would make it legal for employers to fire or not hire women who have had abortions or are on birth control. The bill has already passed the Missouri House and was approved by the state's governor Eric Greitens.

The bill, known as SB 5, comes with a handful of other hurdles for abortion and human rights violations when it comes to women's health. In addition to allowing employer's to discriminate based on birth control choices, it would give landlords the right to as well. So in addition to possibly losing your job due to your birth control methods, women could also be evicted for birth control use or for having a child out of wedlock.

If the bill is passed in Missouri, there might be some legal issues on a federal level. The Federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act makes it illegal for women to be discriminated against with respect to whether or not they've had an abortion. The Act, however, does not say anything about birth control use. The birth control measure is a degree further than we've seen the likes of before and without stipulation that officially says it can't be used as a point of discrimination, then it likely very well can.

So keep an eye on Missouri, if this bill goes through it's possible that women who take birth control could face job discrimination and job loss. Under his eye.