Glossier Is Adding 282 New Jobs. Want One?

Glossier is the cool-girl makeup and beauty-product brand of the moment. While the brand has been holding relatively steady over the past few years, a few months back they raised $24 million via a Series B funding round, and now they're putting that investment money to work.

Last week, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Glossier's expansion which includes bringing 282 new jobs to New York. New Yorkers, did you hear that? For reference, the company currently has 61 employees.

To help with this expansion Empire State Development is giving Glossier $3 million in "performance-based tax credits through the Excelsior Jobs Program." Which means this will continue to be a proud New York company. "Our investments in promising, innovative companies support job growth, drive innovation, and cement New York's international reputation as a vibrant and diverse hub of economic excitement," Governor Cuomo said in the statement. "This major expansion will create nearly 300 new jobs and demonstrates the success of our strategies to help businesses flourish in this state's 21st century economy."

For us, the big takeaway here is that 282 new jobs are coming — and coming in an exciting and niche industry. We'll be watching the Glossier page to see what exactly those jobs are, and when and how to apply.