Millennial "Micro Influencers" Are a Thing Now — Are You One?

You've probably heard (lots and lots—maybe more than you ever want to) about social media influencers. When we think of influencers, we think of high-profile users with thousands and thousands of followers. Oftentimes, these influencers either already are or become celebrities.

But there's a new class of social media influencer out there and you might even be one yourself.

Clique Media Group (the company behind Who What Wear and Byrdie) and Instagram analytics platform Dash Hudson worked together to identify and explain this new group, known as "micro influencers," AdWeek reports.

"We're just scratching the surface for this new age of influencers and the impact they will have on retail and brands. However, we know for sure that the influence of this influential peer is scaling and doing so quickly," Clique Media Group CEO Katherine Power said, according to AdWeek. "Micro influencers are also a valuable target in themselves, spending more than the average millennial woman on clothing, accessories, dining out and beauty."

Micro influencers differ from traditional influencers in some big ways, including the number of followers, income, and content posted to social media. Clique Media Group made a handy infographic that breaks it all down. Check it out and see if you're a micro influencer.