How to Calculate Growth of Assets as a Percentage

When managing your finances from year to year, you can calculate the growth of your assets both as a raw number and as a percentage. Calculating the growth of assets as a percentage allows you to put your gains in the context of how much money you had to invest to achieve that growth. You can either calculate your total asset growth, or calculate the growth of particular assets to determine which of your assets are performing best.


Step 1

Subtract your prior asset value from your current asset value to find the growth of your assets. For example, if last year your portfolio was worth $102,000, and this year is it worth $109,000, your assets grew by $7,000.

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Step 2

Divide the growth of your assets by the prior value of your assets. In this example, divide $7,000 by $102,000 to get 0.0686.


Step 3

Multiply the result by 100 to find the growth of the assets as a percentage. Finishing this example, multiply 0.0686 by 100 to find that your assets grew by about 6.86 percent.




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