Is a Produce Butcher Going to Finally Be the Thing That Gets You Into Menu Planning?

If you're lazy and lucky enough to live near the Bryant Park Whole Foods in NYC, you now have access to a Produce Butcher. That's right, an "onsite team member who will cut, slice, dice, julienne, chop, and grate any produce item at a shopper's request" is now an option, according to the recent Whole Foods press release.


The cost to use the services for items by the pound (like apples) is $1 per pound (5 pound maximum), while items sold individually (like a pineapple) cost $1 on top of the price of the fruit, according to Gothamist.

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Of course, supermarkets have been offering pre-chopped vegetables at a premium cost for years -- this ensures that you're getting a fresh product cut just the way you like it.

Personally, I find that chopping and preparing my food for the week is a calming time to connect to my food -- even the butternut squashes and artichokes. But, if you're someone who has the extra money and would prefer that someone do the dirty work for you, here you go!


Imagine bringing a crate of fully chopped and prepped fruits and veggies home for your weekly meals. A dream come true, even if it does come at a cost. Is this paving the way for grocery store versions of Blue Apron meal boxes? Only time will tell.