4 Things to Do Every Day That Will Make You Richer

A couple of my coaching clients, John and David of Debt Free Guys, have coined the term "money conscious." It's the idea that you need to be mindful and aware of your money in daily life.

I love their approach, so I started thinking up of ways I could be money conscious in my own daily life.

Get a nice wallet/handbag as a sign of reverence

Something I began doing a few years ago was to make sure that I had a nice good-quality wallet and a nice high-quality handbag.

Why? Because it's the temple where I keep my money. It's a sign of reverence for my finances and it reminds me to respect my money. I even took it a step further and bought a red wallet because red symbolizes prosperity in Feng Shui.

Now, this doesn't mean go crazy. I don't need a $3,00 Celine bag. I'm just fine with my Kate Spade bag that I got 75% off during an online sale. Or my red DKNY wallet I got on sale on a trip to New York City years ago.

Check your balance every day

Another way to begin being mindful of your finances is to check your balance every day. Even something this simple can make a huge difference in the decisions you make.

Digit, which is primarily a savings app, can help you do this. They'll text you your checking account balance each day.

Practice gratitude for what you have

If you're in a funk over your finances, gratitude is the best attitude for helping you get over it.

I practice gratitude for the money I have every day. I also practice gratitude whenever I get a client payment or new deals in my inbox. Heck, I say thanks even if I made $4 in affiliate sales on one product!

Practice gratitude when paying your bills

This is something I learned from Kate Northrup and it's freaking life changing! Whenever I pay my bills, I practice gratitude for what services/products were provided and the fact that I have money to pay for them.

This helps with the anxiety we feel when we see money leave our bank accounts. It also helps when you're trying your best to pay down debt. This is way more productive than beating yourself up and actually helps you keep moving forward.