Fun Ways to Hide Money for a Gift

Cards with money enclosure pockets are a tried and true method of giving cash as a gift, but they lack an element of fun. Hiding money in creative ways adds amusement to your gift, as well as removing any worries that your gift will seem impersonal. Try inventive and unusual presentations to give your gift of cash.


Use Food to Hide Money

Hide money in food. Ensure that bills are wrapped in clean plastic, such as a zippered food freezer bag. Hide plastic bags containing money in Jello, homemade Popsicles or pudding. For food items to be cut, such as cake, try the smallest size plastic lunch container to contain the money. After the cake has baked and cooled, cut a hole in the center and insert the plastic tub containing the cash, and then cover with a second layer of cake and icing.


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Seasonal Themes

Hide Christmas gifts of cash in plastic tree ornaments to give your recipient a small keepsake as well as money. Plastic Easter eggs make good coin and folded bill holders for Easter gifts. At Valentine's Day, purchase a stuffed animal holding a stuffed heart between its paws and replace the stuffing in the heart with money. Freeze cash inside a block of ice for an amusing winter time gift.


Hide Cash in Plain Sight

Make something with your cash. Find origami patterns designed for the shape of a bill and create paper art with your money. Use cash as wrapping paper: Instead of putting money inside a piggy bank or wallet, put the money on the outside to wrap these items, complete with dollar bill origami bows.



Personalize your wrapping theme. If your gift is for an enthusiastic camper, roll up some bills and insert them in the battery compartment of a flashlight. If your recipient has bothersome allergies, line the bottom of a tissue box with bills. Give a new mom a diaper filled with cash that is folded to look like it has been used. Tape bills and coins amongst the pages of a book to be given to an avid reader.