How to Tell if You Have Psychic Abilities

Some profess to have the ability to see into the future.

While some are skeptical that anyone is in possession of psychic abilities, others fervently contend that not only do psychic abilities exist but also that they possess them. If you are a believer in abilities of this type and feel that you have some skills that separate you from the rest, you may be eager to know whether you too have psychic potential. Because this topic is so commonly debated, and the presence of psychic abilities is largely unrecognized by science, it may prove difficult to determine if you have psychic skills or, instead, simply a refined gut instinct.

Step 1

Allow your intuition to guide you and see what happens. If you get the feeling that you should do certain things, start to give in to these yearnings. For example, if your intuition tells you to buy lottery tickets for an upcoming drawing, give it a try and see how it pans out. If you end up a big winner, you may be on to something.

Step 2

Write down your thoughts and ideas. Keep a journal in which you write any thoughts that pop into your head. Periodically, flip back through the journal and see if you can connect these thoughts to things that happen later. For example, if you had a thought that involved fire, and your husband later burns his hand, you might have grounds for believing in your psychic powers.

Step 3

Catalog your dreams, keeping a pad of paper next to your bed and jotting down any details that you remember in the morning. Watch out for things that mimic events in your dreams to see if your dreams are more than just unconscious thoughts.

Step 4

Evaluate your level of empathy. Many psychics report the ability to read people's emotions, even when the individual is giving no outward signs. When you walk through a crowd, think about what others are feeling and observe them informally to see if your thoughts prove true. If you can pick up on internal sadness when someone is smiling brightly, you might be picking up more than others.

Step 5

Speak to others who proclaim to have psychic abilities. If you firmly believe that you have psychic powers, it may be worthwhile to speak to someone about your thoughts. While you certainly can't speak to a skeptic who doubts the presence of these powers in general, there are others who are believers and may be willing to discuss the potential seriously and without judgment. Seek a medium in your area or other believer in psychic abilities to discuss your potential powers.

Step 6

Try your skills with a test designed to measure psychic skill. Many companies offer tests that they say will help you determine whether you have any psychic abilities. These tests range from simple card tests to complex computer tests. However, keep in mind that many companies profit from these tests.

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