What Are the Functions of Human Resource Management?

Human resources management is usually conducted in offices during business hours.

Human resources management is a function of business administration. It encompasses everything within a company's policies and practices that impacts the staff. Human resources managers must be excellent communicators, have the ability to multitask, and be able to develop and maintain good personal relationships with all employees.


The human resources manager (or management team, depending upon the size of the organization) is responsible for the systems by which vacant positions in the company are advertised and filled. This may involve liaising with recruitment agencies and industry publications to place advertisements, formulating interview and selection strategies and, sometimes, assessing candidates himself.


Once candidates have been selected and become employees of the company, the human resources manager must conduct regular reviews and assessments of their performance. These reviews will also provide a platform for the employees to voice any concerns or queries. The human resources manager may then provide orientation or training programs as required. She may also offer counseling services if deemed necessary.


It is imperative that human resources managers have thorough, ongoing knowledge of employment law. They are responsible for ensuring that their company complies with legal requirements concerning issues such as maternity pay, appeal of dismissal and equal opportunities.

Pay and Conditions

Individuals employed in human resources management can expect to work a 40-hour week, keeping business hours. As senior management, however, they will be expected to work overtime when necessary. If the company they work for operates form several locations, they will be expected to commute between them to maintain good relationships with all staff. As of 2010, PayScale.com puts the annual average basic salary for a human resources manager working in America at $46,504 to $72,314. However, actual pay will vary with the type of company, the benefits and bonus package offered, and the level of experience the human resources manager has.