What Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover?

A tree that had fallen on a white car.
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Auto insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects against losses and damages that result from owning and using a car. There are three main categories of auto insurance coverage: liability, collision and comprehensive. Comprehensive coverage is optional and typically covers non-driving related events that cause damage to a car, sometimes dubbed "Acts of God."


Storm Damage

Storms are a common cause of damage to parked vehicles. Powerful thunderstorms and windstorms can cause flying debris that may break car windows or cause trees to fall and damage the body of a car. Storms that produce large hail can also cause severe damage to the windows and body of a car. Comprehensive coverage often covers damage related to storms. Comprehensive insurance can also cover damage the results from flooding.

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Comprehensive coverage can also protect against damage caused by fires. Garages often present fire hazards since they are used to store volatile chemicals like gasoline, oil and cleaning products. Electrical problems, hot car engines and other sources of heat or sparks could potentially cause a garage fire that would consume the vehicles in the garage.


Criminal Acts

Comprehensive car insurance can also insure against criminal acts such as auto theft and vandalism. If your car suffers broken windows because someone stole the valuables out of your car, the damage must be covered under comprehensive insurance. Many stolen vehicles are eventually recovered, but damage caused as a result of theft or the complete loss of a vehicle due to theft will be covered under comprehensive coverage.

Animal Accidents

One of the most common types of collisions while driving is hitting a wild animal. Even though this is an accident that occurs while driving, damage caused due to wild animals is covered by comprehensive insurance rather than collision insurance. Collisions with medium-sized or large animals such as deer can cause a surprising amount of damage to the body and windows of a car. Drivers that spend most of their time driving country roads should consider comprehensive insurance even if other threats such as thefts are unlikely to affect their cars.