How to Meet Wealthy Single Men

Single women often look for a rich man to marry, whereas many single men look for a beautiful woman to marry.

Although relationships between men and women are supposed to be driven by genuine love, the reality of life is such that there are advantages to associating with successful people, especially wealthy ones. If you are a single woman looking for a man to marry, it is advisable that you look for a wealthy single man to avoid marital problems that are caused by financial strain on the family. There are many ways of meeting wealthy single men.

Step 1

Conduct thorough research on where wealthy men in your area frequent. You can get this information by talking to your friends who know wealthy single men. You also can listen to the radio, watch television and read magazines and newspapers for events and announcements of charity events, galas and other fundraisers. Be sure to checkout society publications.The media usually publishes news items that highlight events or venues popular with wealthy men.

Step 2

Attend charity events in your area. This is a good place to meet wealthy single men as many of them participate in charity events to raise money for various purposes. Participate actively during the charity event by donating generously. Hopefully, a wealthy single man will notice you and start a conversation.

Step 3

Start playing golf. Golf tournaments are a popular place with wealthy men. You don't need to understand the game very well. All you need is to give an impression that you love the game. In the process, you may start a friendship with a wealthy single man.

Step 4

Search online for wealthy single men. Wealthy men also register with online dating sites to search for women to date. Two of these sites are Established Men and Sugardaddie. Register with these sites and upload your profile. Do not exaggerate your attributes as wealthy men are suspicious of women who want them because of their money. Give the impression that you are just looking for love and the financial status of your potential mate does not matter.

Step 5

Start dining in the most expensive luxury hotels in your area. Even if you don't have a lot of money, you can at least save some to buy yourself tea or soda in the hotel occasionally. Wealthy men tend to frequent expensive hotels. After some time, one of these men may notice you and start a conversation that could lead to friendship and then a love affair.

Step 6

Use a friend who is dating a wealthy single man to connect you. Wealthy men usually have rich friends. Your friend's boyfriend could introduce you to his friend who is a wealthy single man.


Dress well when you go to meet a wealthy single man. Do not wear very short skirts. Be confident as wealthy men like confident people. Create the impression that you are independent and do not need the wealthy single man’s money.