How to Deal With Career Changes

Dress for success when making a career change.

Putting on a new hat and starting a new career can be a challenge. Due to job loss or job dissatisfaction, you might find yourself facing a career change. When choosing a new career, look for one that you are passionate about and utilizes some of your current skills. Adjusting to a career change takes time. New habits and skills will need to be acquired. There will be new coworkers and managers. At first this change can be stressful and a little overwhelming, but each day it will get easier.

Step 1

Make a list of everything that you need to learn to become successful in your new career. Prioritize the list and start with the most important item. Set a date for accomplishing the goal.

Step 2

Develop new skills that are needed. Take an online course or attend a local college to brush up on your skills. Read as much as you can about your new career choice.

Step 3

Take baby steps to achieve confidence in your new career. Each day, write how you have improved. Analyze what you could have done better and resolve to do that in the future.

Step 4

Put in a little extra work time each day to bring you up to speed with your new job duties. Arrive early and stay a few minutes later. Use this extra work time to organize and plan your workday.

Step 5

Dress the part. Look at what other people are wearing in the same career and bring your appearance up to date.

Step 6

Keep yourself healthy. Eat foods that promote good health. Exercise daily. Do a little yoga or meditation daily to relieve the stress of the work day. Get plenty of sleep so that you are well rested and alert.

Step 7

Put your finances in order. Check the pay scale of your new career and plan your finances accordingly. Make a list of your expenses and check if your new salary will cover them. Adjust your expenses to meet your new salary.

Step 8

Approach your career change with a positive attitude. Look for the benefits that the new job has to offer you. Be grateful that you have a chance to try something new.


Test the market by volunteering in your new career before making a career change.

Ask family members to help with household chores until you gain more experience in your new career.

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