Cheap Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A teen's room is her oasis that should reflect her personal style and taste.

A teenager's bedroom should reflect her interests. It might seem difficult to strike a balance between a child-friendly and more adult space, but it is possible to decorate with the teenager and a budget in mind.


Picking a theme will help guide your room's design. For example, if your teen enjoys sports, you could choose colors that complement the child's favorite sports team. If your teenager likes art, you can stage the room more like a minimalist art retreat.


Create a budget for the space, but do not underestimate how far a small amount of money can go. A cheap coat of paint can make a big difference in a child's room. Thrift store pieces can easily be restored to work well in a space and cost much less than buying new.


The accessories will be what ties the room together. Use fabric in the bedding, rugs and window treatments to add interest to the space and demonstrate your theme. Choose durable materials that are easily cleaned and can withstand the everyday wear and tear of a teenager.


Working alongside the teenager is the best way to ensure the room design will be a success. Allow him to use the room to demonstrate his personal style and tastes.