How to Calculate Rateable Values

In the UK, the Valuation Office Agency assigns a fixed value to businesses which is used for tax purposes. This value, called the rateable value, is calculated differently for different types of businesses. For shops, industrial buildings and offices, the rateable value is based on the rental value. For pubs and other drinking establishments, the VOA uses fair maintainable trade (the expected annual trade given an establishment's location and the services it offers) as a valuation. The valuation is updated every five years.

You can calculate the rateable value of a specific property simply and easily using the VOA's website.

Step 1

Type into your internet browser's window and hit Enter. Click on the "Small & Medium Business" button. In the "Tools" box on the right side of the page, click "Postcode Finder".

Step 2

Enter the address of the business for which you wish to find the rateable value, and click "Find a postcode." The site will come back with one or more exact addresses with postcodes. Copy the postcode of the business in question.

Step 3

Type into your internet browser and hit Enter. Click on the "Find My Property Valuation" button. Check that the button next to "Postcode" is selected, and enter the postcode from step 2 into the box, then click "Search."

Step 4

Choose the correct business from the list of addresses given. The rateable value for that business is in the second column from the right.


If you disagree with the rateable value given, you can appeal the agency's valuation with your local valuation office. Be prepared to give evidence for your position.