Cheap Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

Discovering cheap Halloween costumes for adults are only a thrift store or closet away. Repurpose an old dress you never wear or jeans hanging in your closet into a viable costume, while bringing your crafting talents to the fore. Let someone else shop the costume stores as your creative one-of-a-kind outfit wins the prize.

Thrift Stores

Local thrift stores contain all that's needed to make your costume. Choose a bridal, prom or elegant gown to create a princess look, with a tiara found in the toy section. Or select a sports jersey and tight 3/4 pants with a helmet or baseball cap to cover your head to be a football or baseball player. Scour the racks for a dress with no waist with a 1920's feel as you transform into a flapper. Complete the look with a long strand of beads for your neck, a stretch headband and a short black wig. Or round up a western look: Select a red kerchief, a gun and holster from toys, a cowboy hat and a pair of boots.


Troll your closet and pull out those clothes you no longer wear. Transform an old bridesmaid dress into a good witch gown, topped off with a wand and sparkly heels. Convert ripped jeans into a '70's ensemble when you add a tie-dyed shirt, random sections of hair braids, and plastic or real flowers twirled into a crown worn in your hair. Repurpose your old team uniform into your costume as you already have all the gear. Smear "blood" (ketchup) over your medical scrubs for a scary ensemble. Perhaps you would prefer to be a rock star in jeans and T-shirt with a guitar slung across your back and a pair of boots.


Design a costume based on a popular television or movie. Become a member of Harry Potter's group, transforming an old blanket into a cape, a broom into your ride and a piece of cardboard into your "wizard" hat. Add a stuffed "companion" to your shoulder such as a cat or owl. Or become a pirate with the addition of an eye patch, buccaneer hat and a sword. Try a gypsy wench theme featuring a long flowing skirt, triangle scarf tied at your hips, peasant blouse, a scarf around your head with accented by hoop earrings. Paint your face a pale white, wear all black clothes and add some fangs for a vampire look.

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