How to Cancel a Contract for Services

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Consumers enter into contracts for services every day. Many services, such as utilities, cell phone and security, require you to sign contracts before providing service. Service contracts spell out the cost of the service provided and the length of the contract agreement, and also provide instructions for cancellation of the contract. You should always cancel contract services according to the method and guidelines outlined on your service contract to avoid an ongoing cost for a service you no longer need.

Step 1

Review your contract to determine how much notice is required to cancel services. Some companies require 30 days for cancellation and will continue to bill for that 30-day period. If the contract provides for a notice, be prepared to submit your cancellation request in time to avoid additional billing.

Step 2

Review your contract to determine the method of notice the business requires for cancellation. Some companies will cancel services by phone, but other companies may require written notice to cancel service.

Step 3

Contact the business using the notification method required by the contract to submit your cancellation. If the business requires written notice of cancellation, be sure to provide your account number, the name on the account and the date you wish to discontinue service.


Many companies charge cancellation fees for cancelling service contracts prior to the contracted term. Be prepared to pay the cancellation fees listed in your contract if you are cancelling service prior to the end of the contract term. If the cancellation fee is large, it may be better to put off cancellation until the end of the contract term.

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