How to Check a POSB Account Balance

How to Check a POSB Account Balance
Find your POSB balance.


Register for online banking if you haven't already done so. You'll need to provide your Social Security number, your account number, your address and your telephone number. You may also be asked extra security questions about recent transaction history on your account. If you are not an American citizen, you'll not need a Social Security number; you will need all pertinent account information.

Log in to online banking. Use your login ID and password to fill in the required fields. You'll only have two attempts to access your banking page, so enter your information carefully.

Click on the POSB savings account. This will bring you to the homepage for your POSB account, which will show its current balance.


Collect your account number (use a statement if needed), your Social Security number (if applicable), and try to remember the security questions you used to open the account (date of birth, mother's maiden name and so forth).

Call the banking department. If you are in Singapore, the number is 1800 111 1111. However, if you're calling from outside the country, you'll need to first dial country code 65, then 6327 2265.

Ask for a banking representative. Give the representative all the pertinent information on the account (See: Things You'll Need). Ask for a balance on the account.