How to Get Rich Young

Get rich young by looking professional, like this gentleman.

To get rich young is the American dream. It seems that to get rich, you have to trade time, so that by the time you have money, you don't have any time left to spend it. Well, this is not the way I want to live, and I'm sure you don't want to either. As I get rich young, I will give some of the tips I use to build net worth and income. So here it is -- how to get rich young.


Step 1

Get rich young by giving other people work.

Get rich young by finding people to do your dirty work for you. Whether starting a business, an online business, or investing, you get rich mostly by other people's efforts. Now this is hardly taking advantage of people; everyone needs a job, and not everyone has a life goal of getting rich like you. You are helping people care for their kids and parents, and have the pride of working. So you must think of getting rich as helping people, not taking advantage of them.


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Step 2

Get rich young by starting many businesses.

Once you get others to help you do the grunt work, you have to use your youth to your advantage. Don't worry about the odds of something not happening. You have time to fail. So be a bold leader of men, and try new ideas. This does not mean go forward like an idiot; rather, you are the risk assessor. That is really all a business owner or investor is -- a risk assessor. And most of all, don't pay attention to what older people tell you about slowing down. Rich isn't slow. It's fast, especially when it's young. Start many businesses, not just one. Have many investments, not just one.


Step 3

Get rich young by maintaining a cadre of mentors and investors.

After you lay the plans for your business and investment empires, you must finance the whole thing. Again, you are young, and you are basically a risk assessor. To get rich young will require investors, so you have to have your plan together. For someone to invest in you, give them the honor of mentoring you first. People are more likely to give young people money that they have spent time with, and have been allowed to (somewhat) indoctrinate. So look for mentors, and turn them into investors for your business empire. And remember, good ideas will always win out over cheaters in the end. Good luck!

Things You'll Need

  • Your 50 Cent iPod

  • Investment strategy