How to Compose a Hardship Letter Sample for Home Loan Modification

A hardship letter may be required by a mortgage lender when you apply for a modification of a home loan. Being able to identify a specific event that precipitated an unexpected challenge in meeting your monthly mortgage payment can tip the scales toward approval of your application for modification. Take the time to compose a letter that while crisp, concise and to the point provides all of the information your lender requires to evaluate your request.

Step 1

Provide your name, home address, loan number, and contact information in descending order, flush with the left margin, starting two lines below the date.

Step 2

Write a statement explaining your circumstances. Be brief, but not cryptic. Provide enough information to clearly convey the problem, but avoid going into unnecessary detail. Include the date — specific or approximate — that you began to experience financial hardship.

Step 3

Assert your intent to resume normal payment on your home loan as soon as possible.

Step 4

Include a closing such as "Respectfully" or "Sincerely" and sign the letter.