Don't Spend a Penny on Valentine's Day, Please

Valentine's Day is a Hallmark Holiday. Period. I'm well aware that there is some sort of history behind Valentine's Day (St. Valentine and all that), but what is Valentine's Day really about for everyone? What do we all gain from spending an exorbitant amount of money on this "holiday"? What is the point of all this? My head hurts just thinking about it.

An average first date (drinks, dinner, and a movie) costs around $100.00. And that's just a regular old first date! Now let's add on the hype of Valentine's Day. So we're talking about the addition of gifts, a new outfit, and maybe a night in a swanky hotel. We're talking about an extra couple hundred dollars on top of a regular date night -- on a holiday that doesn't even matter!

Here's some advice: Don't give into the pressures that marketing companies and big brands have thrust upon us! Don't fall victim to the advertising around Valentine's Day! There are so many other ways to recognize this holiday without spending a fortune on your date. Heartfelt greeting cards, though some may find cheesy, can really make an impact that a dozen long-stemmed roses cannot. Written words come from the heart, a bouquet of roses come from the internet. Instead of spending money to say, "This is how much I love you!" why not make a nice dinner at home and snuggle up with some Netflix? I feel like this is a better alternative, right? You save money AND you get a romantic night in with your honey. Win-win!

Now, I can't be a hypocrite here and say that I have never celebrated Valentine's Day or that I have never gone "all out" on a boyfriend on this holiday -- because I have. I've bought the iPods and went to the fancy dinners and I've also been on the other side. I've accepted the flowers and the candy and the Tiffany's jewelry. I mean come on, I'm a human being!

Giving and receiving gifts is always a wonderful thing that I, too, love to partake it, and Valentine's Day is a great excuse to do that, but these days, and in this time in life for a millennial with bills to pay and loans to work off, why not take it off the list of holidays we're celebrating? Take the pressure of yourself (and your beau) and enjoy the worry-free February 14th.

Ah, I feel better already.