8 Workspaces That Prove Better Design Means Better Work

Whether you're working on your business plan, jammin' on some data entry, or coding your new app, your workspace is integral to your success. Check out how these cubicle designs can up your game. Total #deskgoals.

Not only are succulent gardens fun to look at, they're easy to maintain. Also, this little gnome will unflinchingly listen to your complaints.

How cute is this? Even TSP reports can be fun to write up on a rainbow keyboard.

When your space is this festive, it's easy to get to work. Plus, maybe someone will sneak a little present under your tree?

These bright colors, cool lights, and sleek designs would get anyone's creative juices flowing.

Working from home means comfort is king. Soft blankets, fresh flowers, and a cute pupper make the day fly by.

Plants in your workspace decrease stress and increase productivity. Plus, they're so pretty!

The color, the plants, the heart, the dots. This desk gives me life and I'm totally jealous.

Bright, clean lighting helps you focus, keeps you alert during the boring stuff, and can ease eyestrain. An all white space with overhead pendant lighting can help you find your inspiration when you're lost.