2 Super Easy Ways to Donate Money

Being able to do philanthropic work is one of the main motivators I hear for people to get their financial life together. People really do want to get to a level where they can give money without having to think about it.


The bad news is that even if you're rolling in it, you still have financial considerations to think about. Perhaps you don't spend as much time thinking about it, but even millionaires have budgets.

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The good news is that giving doesn't need to be done on some massive scale. A lot of people I talk to assume they need to donate a lot of money to really make a difference, but that's really not the case.

Additionally, you can budget your money for giving to worthy causes even if you aren't making much. Here's how you can do that.


Amazon Smile

Most of us have to buy stuff from Amazon occasionally, so we might as well use our purchases to make charitable contributions.


With the Amazon Smile program, you can support your favorite charities when you shop at no extra cost to you. All you have to do is visit the Amazon Smile site, choose your charity, and go about your shopping as you normally would.

I actually do this to support one of my favorite organizations as a way to make sure I'm contributing without overextending myself.

Use your fun money account

I have a savings account where I allow myself to do whatever I want with the money that's in there.


In the beginning, it looked like making small deposits into the account whenever I stopped myself from impulsive spending, got a gift or saved some money on a purchase. Nowadays, I just use my Digit account as my Fun Money Account. Digit automatically makes small deposits of any extra cash you may have lying in your checking account.

At the end of the month, I decide what to do with the money and sometimes I just give it away. For example, earlier this year I wanted to donate to a suicide prevention organization in honor of my neighbor who sadly took his own life. Because of the money I had in that account, I was able to sponsor a friend who was actually doing a 5k for the organization I was looking at.