We Need This: Sweden Has Set Up a "Mansplaining" Hotline

Image Credit: SupernanPhoto/iStock/GettyImages

Consider the following scenario: You, a woman, find yourself in front of a man, who, for a reason you will never be able to fathom, has decided to explain something to you as if you are a small child who comprehends nothing. He is probably discussing a topic you know a lot about. It is likely a topic you have already expounded upon in front of said man before.


If this hasn't happened to you, then you're in the minority. (Congrats on somehow avoiding the vengeful bitchslap of the patriarchy.) If it has happened to you, chances are, it's happened in a work situation, which we all know can be complicated and doubly humiliating.

That's why Sweden deserves a huge high-five for their latest awesome initiative — the launch of a "mansplaining hotline," which gives workers an outlet and support system for dealing with mansplaining in the workplace. According to the New York Times, "The calls will be answered by 20 men and women, who are gender experts, authors, academics and others," and so far, "callers have asked for advice on speaking up when they feel run over by male colleagues, and how to help female colleagues who are being ignored by men in their working groups."

Sadly, the hotline will only be up and running for a week. But still! What a novel idea! Could you imagine being able to call someone up after your boss tries to explain politics to you? We're down.

Well done, Sweden. Well done.