Little Ways We Block Ourselves From Earning More Money

As a coach, one of the things I often have to help clients with is identifying all the small ways they are blocking money from coming into their lives. Technically, I use the term abundance instead of money, but the reality is the two are intricately linked.

In my experience, abundance isn't cold hard cash that appears in your bank account, it's actually the opportunity to earn more money or someone giving you something. If we're blocking ourselves in the ways I'm going to mention, then we become blind to the money all around us.

Not taking a compliment

This one actually kind of makes my blood boil because I see it all the time, especially among women.

How many times has someone complimented our work and we brush it off like what we've done is no big deal? I bet more than one occasion is coming to mind.

On the one hand, we've been taught that this is being humble. On the other hand, this is crap.

First, if you want to earn more you need to own your worth. Second, by brushing it off you're actually being disrespectful to the person who complimented you. They complimented you for a reason, so take it, and say thank you.

Not letting someone buy you something

The other day a nice gentleman offered to buy me and my friend some ice cream. My friend kept insisting that he shouldn't, and he kept pushing back saying he was delighted to. Right when my friend was about to tell him no again, I interrupted, took the money, and thanked him for his kind offer.

If someone wants to give you something, let them give it to you! This is a major lesson in receiving, which is something you will definitely need if you expect to earn more money. If you can't receive a nice person buying you ice cream, how are you going to be able to receive a raise?

Not letting someone help you

Similar to not letting someone buy you something, people also have a difficult time receiving help.

I'm actually going to call myself out on this one. I recently met someone who is willing to help me with a project for work. Rather than just accepting it, I was feeling terribly guilty. Eventually, I had to snap myself out of it by telling myself, "This guy wants to help you. For Pete's sake, let him help you!"

From a business perspective, I can tell you that not accepting help can literally cause you to earn less money. If you're too busy doing it all yourself, you will burn out. If you burn out, you can't make money. Trust me, I've learned this one the hard way.

These nasty little habits can impede us from earning more money. Whether it's because we don't own how good we are at what we do or have a difficult time receiving, eventually, it will bite us in the behind. The good news is you can change these habits and, in turn, your finances may change too.