How to Receive Free Samples

Free samples are like presents in the mail.

Free samples are a wonderful way to try new products. Additionally, free samples make for easy travel-size options of your favorite products. Often, when companies mail free samples, they include coupons for the cost of a full-size item at the store.

Step 1

Sign up with free sample websites, such as and These sites notify you when free samples are available. Simply click on the provided link and provide the supplier with your address to receive your free sample in the mail.

Step 2

Peruse your favorite manufacturers' websites. Many have a "special offers" tab that allows you to register for free samples or coupons to be mailed to your house. If not, simply click on the "contact us" link and request a free sample. Include your home address in your email to the company.

Step 3

Ask your favorite grocery stores what days they offer free samples. Often, stores have free samples for tasting on busy shopping days, such as Saturdays. This allows you to try a new product before you buy it.


Keep your free samples together in your home. Use these for traveling to save space in your suitcase. Or, keep them until you run low on often-needed products, such as shampoo. Instead of running out to buy a new bottle, use the free sample. Organize your samples by date to be sure that they are used prior to their expiration.


Remember that giving out your email address and home address to a company gives the company the ability to send you advertising items until you request to be removed from the mailing list. Only request free samples from companies you are comfortable giving your personal information to in the long run.

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