How to Make a House for Sale Flyer

How to Make a House for Sale Flyer. Placing a "for sale" flyer in front of your house is the first opportunity to show off the house to any potential buyers. How and what information is listed on the "for sale" flyer can be the hook that catches many buyers. You want to list the basics, accentuate the best features and give just enough information to get the buyer interested and wanting more information or even a viewing. Give too much information away and they may decide the house is not what they are looking for.

Step 1

Take at least one picture of your house on the flyer. If you have a pool or impressive backyard, add that to the flyer too. You may just sell your house by showing off your backyard garden or porch.

Step 2

Ask friends what they like about your house and list those items. Often we take for granted what we have become accustomed to seeing or using, but others, potential buyers in particular, will be looking for those sale points.

Step 3

List upgraded amenities that you have done to your house. Newly or recently installed carpet, or other flooring, kitchen cabinets, upgraded counter tops and kitchen appliances are all interesting facts and worth boasting about.

Step 4

Show a phone number that will be answered by a live person. Whether that person is you, the home owner, or the listing agent if you have one, is up to. Financing and loan issues that can be easier answered by your agent can always be referred over to them. It is more likely that you will have buyers calling looking for information that is not listed on the flyer and who knows your home better that you.

Step 5

Print the flyer on colored paper. The color will remind them what house it belongs to. A colored "for sale" flyer will stand out much more than white, but be careful that the paper color allows potential buyers to see all the information on the sheet.

Step 6

Explain why the neighborhood has great schools, or that the HOA has a great fireworks display and that is why there are dues. People want to know what makes your place better than any other, so let them know.