What Marijuana Does for Creative Entrepreneurship

Image Credit: Kong Ding Chek/E+/GettyImages

One of the most important qualities you can have as an employee, if numerous job listings are to be believed, is creativity. That goes triple for entrepreneurs, who are constantly seeking to find an unexplored niche and go wild with it. We turn to all kinds of systems and supports when it comes to expanding our options. Not all of them are suitable for the same purpose, though.


Researchers at Washington State University have just released a study on creativity and cannabis, particularly when focused on entrepreneurial thinking. The beginning of the design process usually involves a period of intense generation — a "no ideas are bad" phase when anything is possible. Study participants without much business experience who use cannabis tended to have more original startup ideas (i.e., "a weightless, gravity-free virtual reality workout"), but those who did not partake tended to be more realistic.

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"Our results suggest that cannabis-using entrepreneurs might benefit from non-users' insights to develop the feasibility of their ideas," said coauthor Alexander Kier. "This may be especially true for cannabis users who tend to get very excited about coming up with new ideas or don't have much experience founding new businesses, since others can serve as a grounding influence, providing a reality-check on their ideas."


Practiced entrepreneurs who also regularly used cannabis showed no similar effect. But if you are concerned about creativity in your career, it may help to know that different people come into their own at different points in life. Entrepreneurship isn't just a young person's game, and knowing yourself is ultimately one of your biggest advantages.