Listen for These Clues About Your Procrastinating

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One out of every five of us is a chronic putter-offer of things. We know how to prioritize, we just… thrive best under pressure. If you're plagued by procrastination, take some comfort in the knowledge that it's literally a thing that's built into your brain. The more you know about your own procrastination, the better you're able to manage it.


That includes those times when putting off tasks tips right over into full-blown anxiety. It's easy to say you can just stop being a perfectionist, which is a lot of what drives procrastination. However, as psychologist Alice Boyes points out in Psychology Today, there are five specific types of procrastination that are deeply connected with fear. What for these kinds of thoughts or statements in your life — it could be a sign that you need to address something deeper.

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  1. "You're the reason I haven't gotten it done yet."
  2. "I've done this thing many times before, but this time I'm sure to screw it up."
  3. "I can't do the entire project until I do this one small thing, except I can't do this one small thing."
  4. "I shouldn't have to do this thing."
  5. "I can do this best later."


Perfectionism can be a huge drain on your mental health, your resources, and your relationships. Everyone worries about how they'll perform or whether they've waited too long. When you're paralyzed by anxiety, though, you can remind yourself that there are ways out of the way you're feeling, so you can put this one thing behind you.