What Music Can Teach Us About Productivity

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For adults of a certain age, there's still something magical about making or receiving a mix tape. You probably obsessed over the track listing and the order (and, if you were really ambitious, the decoration you'd make for the front cover). We've lost that a bit in the age of the Spotify playlist, but the skills you earned as an amateur DJ could help you organize your time and your tasks in the most productive manner.


Marketing expert Chloe Anagnos recently shared her own top seven productivity hacks. A lot of them are solid pieces of advice that are always good to hear again, like doing away with distractions and reminding yourself of your priorities. But her first suggestion is interesting: "Batch Your Time for Similar Tasks." It's not necessarily about doing everything related to one job before moving on to another. Instead, it's about creating flow — grouping tasks by type rather than by project.

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There's a lot of research into productivity, flow states, and creativity. (In fact, we know that playing music can make your brain more efficient.) One key element of all three is reducing interruptions. That can mean the hiccups you get from a coworker stopping by to chat or just simply switching tasks too dramatically too quickly. When you choose how to organize your time, however, you're more likely to arrange it in ways that work best for you. Consider creating a mix tape for your workday; things might get easier when you let them logically flow from one task into the next.