Ask to Work From Home on This Day

Image Credit: Eva-Katalin/E+/GettyImages

We're all super overwhelmed, at work and everywhere else, but we do have ways of easing off some of our stress. One of the best and most popular methods of reclaiming your time is workplace flexibility. The ability to choose when you start and end your workday, or whether you can telecommute, can give you some feeling of agency that perhaps you've been missing.

Workplace flexibility is one of our top desires for the jobs of the future, especially when only two-thirds of workers under 35 feel they have any. Once you've arranged the option with your supervisors, you may be anticipating a lot more effective three-day weekends. Time management expert Laura Vanderkam has another suggestion, however. In her bite-sized daily podcast Before Breakfast, she advises listeners to consider Wednesdays as the ideal day to report from your home office.

First things first, it's not suspicious — which is not insignificant, given how worried most of us are about our prospects if we ask for work-life balance. Wednesdays confer some other advantages: Those with burdensome commutes will never go more than two days slogging into the office. It's also a boon for productivity: Employees who work from home three to four times each month are the most engaged in their work.

Working from home does require maintaining strong boundaries, both with your office and your home life. But cutting down on stress while getting better work done is a twofer that no one can truly argue with.