How Corporate Social Media Can Help You Get a Job

Image Credit: Westend61/Westend61/GettyImages

Twitter can be a weird place for capitalism. Snack cakes go through existential crises, sandwich chains jockey through witty pile-ons, and companies' online reputation can live or die thanks to their levels of competence with memes. Whether you run corporate social media or just follow along, it's key to remember who makes the rules — and how they can set you up for viral success or massive pratfalls.

Entrepreneur contributor and startup founder Bedros Keuilian has some suggestions for successfully navigating the platforms where we like to kill time. Most are pretty straightforward, and present the same rules you'd use at most dinner tables — don't blab on and on, don't bring up politics or religion. But his final suggestion gets to the heart of the matter: Give the people what they want.

Social media accounts that just share press releases or sales info aren't creating connections or building a brand. That's not how social media works. Users want to have fun, and corporate Twitter accounts invite people to join in. Understanding this can be key to getting work through social networking.

A profile or feed that's just regurgitated resume points isn't showing off the spark that you'd bring to a team, nor does it show off how you understand your audience or how you've found your niche. Both illustrate what makes you an exciting candidate, and if you're looking to get hired in part for your social media game, it's worth studying the accounts you like to figure out what makes them work.