We've Got the Numbers on Our Drunk Shopping Habit

Sometimes we have to be careful about mystery packages with our name on them. A surprise delivery isn't always nefarious or cause for alarm, however. For a huge number of shoppers, it's just our late-night selves catching up with us.


The Hustle recently surveyed 2,000 Americans who drink alcohol about what happens when they shop under the influence. The results show that if this describes you, you're far from alone. In fact, nearly 4 out of 5 drinkers have clicked "purchase" while they imbibe.

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Some of the tidbits are interesting in their own right. For instance, there's basically gender parity in who drunk-shops — men and women do so at about the same rates (78 percent and 80 percent respectively). Over the course a year, drunk-shoppers spend about $444 on a staggering variety of items and experiences. It also seems not to matter what you're drinking when you get the idea to drop some dollars. The survey found that we're equal opportunity with beer, wine, or liquor.


One more thing: When it comes to liquor, Americans generally underpay. Whatever your feelings on drunk shopping, it's entirely possible that we're simply making up for savings elsewhere.

All that said, some of this data might be worth some self-examination. For one, drunk shoppers tend to drink twice as much as those who don't drink and shop. Quantity-wise, the survey found that drunk shoppers consume 10 drinks each week, which is edging into the low-risk edge of developing alcohol use disorder. It's worth considering going dry for a while if you or your friends and loved ones are worrying, as well as seeking help. Like any other choice, it's best to stay mindful — even if the results can be baffling in the light of day.