Why Captain America Hates Gizmos From the Future

Actors are not their characters, but let's admit it, it's always a little delightful when they are. Chris Evans is a prime example: The Captain America star embodies his most well-known role, World War II superhero Steve Rogers, both onscreen and off.

The Twitterati noticed that on Monday, when Evans tweeted a grumpy missive to the manufacturers of "smart" technology:

Rogers, who was famously frozen in ice in 1945 and resurrected in time for 2012's The Avengers, went through a brief period where modern technology flummoxed him. Fans naturally latched onto Evans' tweet with glee. But the thing is, Evans is actually right: We all lose something when every device is online, and the biggest erosion is to our privacy.

If your thermostat, your speakers, your television, and your washing machine are part of the "Internet of Things," companies are certainly using them to observe your habits and collect data in order to better sell you ads and add-ons. The good news is that smart speakers like Google Home and the Amazon Alexa are too boring for identity thieves and hackers to target. Still, companies have been using some pretty dodgy methods of observing and capturing potential customers in the Internet Age. Given that smart home device sales are expected to double by 2022, more will probably be coming down the road.

Spoilers ahead for a five-year-old movie, but Captain America: The Winter Soldier is all about not accepting a government surveillance state, no matter who runs it. Maybe Evans isn't just cranky, but actually on to something more.