How to Accept the Right Job Offer

Record numbers of Americans are quitting their jobs this summer, an indication (hopefully) of their confidence in finding a better opportunity. The smart money is on seeking out a new position while you're still in your current one. Either way, let's say you've made the final cut — you have an offer. Multiple offers, actually. It's an amazing problem to have, but it does still require some unraveling.


Lots of people might advise that the obvious job to accept is the one that pays the most. More should go into your decision than that, though. If you can't see yourself being happy within a company or even within a role, it's not worth the later aggravation, no matter what you bring home. Consider how you fit with the personalities on your would-be team. This isn't just for your own happiness: About 90 percent of people who are let go lose their jobs because of "attitude." Give yourself the best foundation to find your footing.

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Think about the future too. You don't have to know exactly how this position serves as a stepping stone to your next big career leap, but it does help to take a long view here. Your resume tells a story about your skills and passions. If you realize you've made a mistake (though you probably haven't, given our propensity for self-doubt), you can address that later. Just be sure you clearly communicate with your new employer — don't be the person who ghosts before orientation because you got a better idea.