You Finally Landed an Interview. Here's How to Make the Most of It

Sometimes the most dispiriting advice of all, whether it's for a job hunt, dating, or something else, is "It's a numbers game." You can know how good a match you'd be, but at some point, even with all the networking in the world, a lot of your next moves come down to luck. There is an upside, though: You can be prepared when the numbers work out.

Human resources professionals say that just four to six candidates out of 250 applicants for a corporate job land an interview. In 2014, market researchers found that just 2 percent of job-seekers get to the interview stage. Even though unemployment is trending downward these days, that figure doesn't take into account people who are underemployed or who have dropped out of the workforce entirely — and those who are still looking often don't have the skills those jobs require.

All that means you can fully appreciate your chances when you finally get the call to come in. The very best way to reward yourself for making it through to the interview stage is to prepare. You don't have to lay out plans to launch D-Day, but it helps to have already considered how to answer some key questions, like "Why are you looking for another job?" and "Tell me about yourself." Practice with guides for interviewers, and know what they're not supposed to ask. Finally, don't leave without asking your own questions. You have a rare chance to make sure this position works for you. Use it to your fullest extent.