American Workers Say It's a Quitter's Job Market Now

Office Space is just one of those perfect movies. The fed-up, downtrodden, norm-satirizing deadbeats get revenge and a happy ending as they move on to greener pastures. While nobody could reasonably accuse the film of too much realism (we hope), it does speak to one belief among American workers today. A majority thinks they could walk away from their job, never to return, and quickly find a new one.


That's according to a new survey just released by CNBC. One segment of the All-America Economic Survey checked in on workers' confidence in their ability to find "another job both in their field and in their area and at similar pay and benefits." Nearly two-thirds — 61 percent — were either "very" or "pretty" confident they could pull that off within a few months.

Of course, this is an average. When you drill down into the data, the numbers do get a little more skewed. Men, for instance, were far more confident than women that they could land a new job quickly. Only 39 percent of those with an income of less than $39,000 thought the same, though 66 percent of millennials agreed with the statement. White-collar workers were also notably less confident than blue-collar workers. About 1 in 5 respondents say their industry has more workers than jobs.

If you're hungry for a change, however, you're not alone — and now might just be the time to make it.