Match Up With Your Perfect Side Hustle

We've all taken some dopey online quizzes in our time. Who doesn't want to know what salad dressing they are at heart, or which superhero would make our ideal partner? Personality tests aren't entirely discredited, though — use them the right way and you might find yourself raking in the dough.

The website CreditLoan surveyed nearly 1,000 Americans who work at least one job in addition to their primary job. They wanted to know how a person's Myers-Briggs personality type might influence or support a side hustle. (Your Myers-Briggs type is that combination of four letters, such as INTP, which indicates your propensity toward extraversion or introversion; sensing or intuition; thinking or feeling; and judging or perceiving. You can take a free MBTI test online at places like 16 Personalities.)

The CreditLoan survey looked into the motivations of side-hustlers, as well as what they sacrificed for their gig. Saving and paying down debt came up high, and more of us lost out on sleep and socializing than time from our main occupation. One finding was that passive income has some of the biggest payoffs, if you've got the initial capital. That includes renting out housing or collecting revenue from static online ventures.

But some people match up differently with different hustles, so CreditLoan looked at ways to maximize your engagement and your profits. Check out the data below, as well as all the other breakdowns from the survey. Being intentional about how you bring in income matters on the job, no matter how you wind up structuring it.