Here's What You Said You'd Sacrifice for Your Career

Tweets bemoaning the collective brokeness of millennials go viral all the time. The latest came from an NBC affiliate, which tweeted "32% of millennials would break up with their significant other for a $37,000 raise." Cue the peanut gallery: "Not to be dramatic but I would personally saw off my left foot for $37,000," quipped photographer Caleb Beutsler. Others saw the injustice of the premise: "that's like 80% salary increase for a teacher jesus" wrote high school English teacher Nam Le.

If that stat got your hackles up, don't worry — there are so many more. Student loans website Comet just shared data collected from more than 360 unmarried, single millennials without children, asking what they'd give up to further their careers. The news isn't all bad, but as a generation, we're certainly choosing our priorities.

For instance, nearly 6 in 10 would pass on a long-term relationship if it would put their career in jeopardy. More than 4 in 10 would end a relationship for a promotion (assuming it's significant or life-changing). Forty percent of participants said they are staying single and child-free to focus on their career. Given the job market and financial environment we came of age in, these numbers aren't too much of a surprise.

The romantics need not despair, though. More than half would pass on a career opportunity if it meant a long-term relationship, and significant majorities would move with a partner if that partner got an amazing opportunity far away. As much as our generation delays or plans to delay milestones like marriage or starting a family, we still want it to happen — just on our terms, as much as the economy allows.