This Escape Room Helps You Save for Retirement

Even aside from how much you enjoy them, there's a huge value in things that are fun. You're more likely to remember what you've learned and repeat those lessons later. It's still surprising just what we can make fun, though: financial preparations for retirement, even if it's decades away? No problem!

Meet the RealizeRetirement Adventure (click that link for video). If you've ever wondered what limits might exist on escape rooms and what they can be about, stop wondering — there are none. RealizeRetirement was built for public sector employees, like city and state workers. It's actually a timed challenge: Participants have seven minutes inside a specially designed "train car" which is about to go off the rails. If they can use their financial literacy to assemble the necessary clues, they both stop the train and figure out what they'll need to start saving for retirement ASAP.

As a metaphor, it's pretty on the nose, but as a theory, it's spot on. Recent research has found that greater financial literacy, especially earlier in the life, can make your old age much more comfortable. Gamification is a much better teaching tool than a dry worksheet or a passively absorbed presentation. Millennials, you may be rolling your eyes — how can you think about retirement when you can't even pay your rent? Asset managers have actually updated their formulas to recommend realistic savings goals for our generation.

Even if your town isn't on the RealizeRetirement Adventure's schedule, it does prove there are a million ways to make retirement planning not just fun but deeply relevant and meaningful — even if you're decades away from it.